We love touring on our bike, with the structure of randonneuring, aka "RandoTouring"

This website is dedicated to this type of cycling. 

We are merely a group of randonneurs who enjoy touring. We are NOT a touring company. We locate and/or create point-to-point connecting RUSA permanent routes...then ride them! We welcome & encourage any/all randonneurs to join us for a tour. There is no charge to join us on a ride. However, we do sometimes have a neutral support van carrying our baggage to each overnight stop, and meeting us at select controls. When we have the support van, each rider pays an equal share of the anticipated expenses associated with the van such as van rental, gas, dedicated driver's expenses (lodging, food return travel expenses, etc). 

Stay Tuned, we'll be populating the site soon with 2017 plans! 

Note: ONLY registered users can view & access most of the pages. If you aren't registered, or not signed in, most pages will be blank! Once registered, approved, and signed in, you can view our itinerary details, view & participate on the forum, submit articles, weblinks, routes, and more. Drop me an email, and I'll get you registered on the site!